Monday, July 13, 2009

How do I Feel This Way?

I am so peaceful as of late.

I used to be so unhappy.  I would try and try to be at peace. I would try and try to eat right and be healthy.  I would try to lose weight.  I was crushed by the world.  I was blind to what was really important.

How I feel now is simple really, but it doesn't just happen.  I have to work every day to achieve my goals and around me I have friends and a family that supports me every step of the way.

I am young but I am learning!..and I have the most amazing teacher.  

Today I threw the ball for my dog until my arm was sore and I walked and walked in the sunshine and through the woods and up the hills.  I came back and turned on my computer and saw all the comments of all the people that have already been so nice to me here.

It is not easy at first to watch what you eat, to exercise, to turn off the TV, to learn when your mind is tricking you into doing something that will hurt you and the universe.  But if you listen to the right voice and obey your heart you will find happiness!

Okay! I am being a total goof but I am happy and I am at peace and I know why I feel this way.  Do you?


Melissa said...

Sue I am lucky I know you.

Such positive energy! I am so glad you found us.

Sue said...


I love you, thanks for coming by!

Rachel said...

Hi again, Sue! I'd definitely love to hear about how you managed your anxiety holistically. I'm trying to put good things in my body and fewer meds. This spring I went off birth control pills, my allergy pills and my asthma pills that weren't doing anything anyway...the anxiety meds are the last to go! Email me at if you have a chance

I'm going to 'follow' you so I remember to check in - I think we have a bunch in common :)

Michelle said... are so special. I hope I see you tomorrow for lunch!

Sue said...

Hey Rachel...thanks for being so sweet...and I wrote you! will see me there! I would not miss it!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You are so positive! It made me happy just to read that post!

Naomi said...

I just got home from yoga and read your post. I think I know how you feel... just wish I could keep that feeling going all the time.

jordy said...

i'm glad you are at peace... i have finally gotten to that point, too. it's an up and down journey but the greatest thing is knowing the feeling and recognizing it. that's where your focus will always end up. :)

Sue said...

Sara..Thanks it used to be so hard to be positive but now it comes naturally!

Naomi..Have you tried power yoga? There is a class I am thinking of signing up for but I don't know anyone that has tried it! LOL

Jordy...Exactly! You have to know happiness and embrace it! You have to find what makes your body feel good and not try and just escape into food or a relationship...thanks for coming by!

Kerrie said...

Hi Sue, thanks for visiting my blog.
Well your glass is half full and when you are optimistic good things happen xx

Lisa said...

Great post. Sounds like you feel wonderful!

- Lisa

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

I love this post.

This is a goal that I have worked on for over a decade. For ever step i take forward, I often slip further back. For me, peace and acceptance are sisters. The battle I've had with my own body through the years is very sad, but at the same time I can take good from it.

As I get older, it's easier and easier to be at peace and to accept who I am and appreciate the details of my life.

I hope that you continue to blog. I LOVE it!!!!!

Sue said...

Hey glass is entirely full as of late!

Lisa..I do!

Icancarry...Thanks very much. It is really almost all mental and spiritual and I do accept myself now.

I really do appreciate the comment.

Liam said...

I like the first line. " I used to be so unhappy" and I am really glad for you that's in the past tense.

She-Fit said...

I'm beyond excited for you that you have found that peace and happiness.

Yes, I have peace and happiness that is overflowing. I pray that my peace and happiness only overflows onto others.

Thanks for the post!

april said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope to see you around! And am glad your at peace!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad things are working out so well for you now!

julie mitchell said...

Sue, great inspiring posts...happiness grows on gratitude and positive thought, as you seem to realize..
The best to you...many blessings!

Anonymous said...

I try to be at peace. There are just so many outside factors that try to way me down with their negativity. When I need a dose of balancing out I go in for acupuncture. I love it.

Sue said...

Liam...I like your blog. I hope you are having a good weekend,

She-fit...thank you so for coming over!

April...Why thank you girl!

Hey...You have a very nice vibe about you...I am glad you come over here and chat with me!

Julie...and blessings to you!

Yaya...Outside factors try to make a Fool out of you every time.